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OUR MISSION is to ensure the enrichment of lives of persons of all abilities, through working, connecting, and empowering.

PROGRAM PURPOSE:  We are an Adult Day Training (ADT) Skills Development 3 program, intended to support persons of all abilities in the participation of valued routines of the community, including volunteering, job exploration, accessing community resources, and self-advocacy, in settings that are age and culturally appropriate.  With emphasis in Music and Art.

Adult Day Training (ADT) Skills Development 3 services can include: meaningful day activities, education, community / Institutional experiences, training in the activities of daily living, development of adaptive skills, development of social skills, post-secondary education, functional vocational training, and employment.















– Choice of activities is based on participant needs and interest

-Both group and individual activities are provided as needed

-Participants are encouraged to contribute to the planning and implementation of program activities to the best of their ability

-Training in the activities of daily living

-Social activities that provide opportunities for social interaction, friendship formation, and caring relationships

-Community and Institutional experiences. Cultural activities that contribute to a sense of self-worth and connection to community or society

-Educational activities that provide opportunities to learn new ideas and skills, to rekindle old skills, and to continue personal growth.

-Activities, such as art, music, playing with pets, and gardening that nurture the human spirit and allow for personal expressions of emotions and feelings

-Recreation activities that refresh the mind or body, amuse the individual, and stimulate pleasant thoughts and attitudes. Happy is good.

-Post-secondary education

-functional vocational training, and


-Program staff supervises all activities.


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At Kids at Music – Youth Academy (ADT service) every consumer will be at the center of decisions which relate to their life.  A person centered process that involves listening, thinking together, coaching, sharing ideas, and seeking feedback.  This process is ongoing to make sure each person is supported towards their personal goals, even as they evolve and change.  The ultimate aim is to understand what each individual person wants and needs to live their own, personally defined, good life


For more information

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call us at (305) 297-9887

We are located at:

780 NW 127 Avenue

Miami, Fl 33182

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