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For Youth Academy ADT Schedule please contact us at (305)297 9887 for more information.

Private and Group Classes!

All Ages:
Babies – Toddlers – Kids – Teens – Adults 

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Including Children and Adults of All Abilities


Call to Schedule a Class!!!!!

305-297 9887
North Trail Park
780 NW 127 Avenue
Miami, Fl 33182

We start with our Early Chilhood Music Program.  Our study programs are tailored to each learning stage.
Our Activities include:

  • Music 
  • Mommy & Me (Babies & Toddlers)
  • Piano (4 yrs & Up)
  • Violin (5 yrs & Up)
  • guitar (8 yrs & Up)
  • Voice (8 yrs & Up)
  • Choir (8 yrs & Up)
  • Solfegge
  • Ear training
  • Music Theory
  • Art & Crafts:  Crayons, Colors, Paints, Clay, Markers, Finger Paint, Collage, Scratching, Stamping, Glitter, Creativity and much more!silvia cantando IMG_1571 IMG_1566 IMG_1535 IMG_1512 IMG_1510 IMG_1508 IMG_1507 IMG_1506 IMG_1424 IMG_1183 IMG_1180 IMG_1177 IMG_1082 IMG_0520 IMG_0503 IMG_0466 IMG_0427 IMG_0425 IMG_0390 IMG_0382 copy59301_10152397440870236_9047551956493284496_nIMG_0257 IMG_0253 IMG_0252 IMG_0016

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2 Responses to Activities & Schedules

  • Yvonne Tamayo says:

    I am interested in the info on voice classes for two girls (10 and 12). What are times and dates available for these classes and prices please. Thank you, Yvonne

    • admin says:

      Hello Yvonne. Thank you for inquiring about our music classes. During the summer our voice classes are being held on Saturdays. 10:30am. You can give us a call at 3052979887 for more details. Thank you again!

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